Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy (ISTDP) Core Training Program

The Melbourne Centre for ISTDP offers a three-year, Core Training program in Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy (ISTDP).

ISTDP is appropriate for the treatment for 4 out of 5 referrals to a private psychiatric practice. It has been shown to be a clinically effective, and a cost effective, treatment for a wide range of psychological disorders, including: personality disorders, depression, somatisation, conversion, anxiety disorders, and bipolar disorder.

Participants will be provided with in-depth training in how to conduct ISTDP psychodiagnosis and treatment with patients across the entire Spectra of Psychoneurotic Disorders and Fragile Character Structure.

Trainees will meet for two consecutive days, three times per year, for three years for lectures and practice exercises. Core training will make extensive use of video recorded therapy sessions to teach all aspects of ISTDP.

In addition to the didactic and practice components, trainees will be allocated to small (3 participants) supervision groups that will meet, via video conference (internet), on 20 occasions per year, with each participant receiving 30 minutes direct supervision of their video recorded ISTDP sessions per meeting and viewing a further 60 minutes of other trainees’ supervision per meeting. Each participant will therefore, receive 10 hours direct supervision per year, and view a further 20 hours supervision per year. Supervision meetings will occur at mutually convenient times for participants and the supervisor.

Core Training will be led by Dr Stephen Arthey with additional contributions from colleagues at the Melbourne Centre for ISTDP.

Training Program Details
  • A one-year commitment is required. Participants will be asked to renew their commitment at the commencement of each training year.
  • If the program fails to run, a full refund of fees paid for the cancelled aspects of the training program will be provided.
  • Participants must be registered health care practitioners working in an environment where they are able to regularly work in a ISTDP framework and video record these sessions for supervision purposes.
  • Participants must have had some prior exposure to ISTDP.
  • Please email for details.

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