ISTDP Training

Training Options at the Melbourne Centre for ISTDP

The Melbourne Centre for ISTDP is the leading provider of Treatment and Training in Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy in Australasia

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Internet-Based, ISTDP individual and small group supervision

Core Training Programs

Core Training is a three year process comprised of, approximately, fortnightly supervision of your video recorded ISTDP sessions and attendance at didactic training workshops conducted by the Melbourne Centre for ISTDP. To complete Core Training you need to accumulate 15 hours of direct supervision per year (or 10 hours of direct and 20 hours of observational supervision of other trainees receiving direct supervision) for 3 years and 36 hours of didactic training in ISTDP with the Melbourne Centre for ISTDP per year, for 3 years.


ISTDP-based workshops provided through the Melbourne Centre for ISTDP.